Front Desk - Customer Service Specialist
Job Opportunity at Courtyard Marriott Canton

Posted on Jan 11    

Location: Canton, OH
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4123568


The front desk associate represents the hotel and is often the first person to interact with guests. This candidate acts as a guide to the guest throughout all stages of their stay, accommodating special requests whenever possible, and reporting to work each day with enthusiasm and the spirit to serve.


  1. Register guests and assigns rooms. Accommodates special requests whenever possible and assists in preregistration and blocking of rooms for reservations.

  2. Thoroughly understand and adheres to proper credit, check- cashing, and cash handling policies and procedures.

  3. Must be sales-minded and able to present options and alternatives to guests and offers assistance in making choices.
  4. Uses suggestive selling techniques to sell rooms and to promote other services of the hotel.

  5. Knows the location, types of available rooms, room rates and activities and services of the property.
  6. Coordinates room status updates with the housekeeping department by notification housekeeping of all check outs, late checkouts, early chek-ins, special requests, and day use rooms.

  7. Possesses a working knowledge of the reservations department. Takes same day reservations and future reservations when necessary. Knows cancellation procedures.

  8. Maintains the cleanliness and neatness of the front desk area.
  9. Attends department meetings.

  10. Knows how to use front office equipment and poses knowledge of basic Microsoft Office programs.

  11. Has knowledge of the Canton area and events happening in the local scene.

  12. Performing cashier related functions like posting charges to guest accounts,currency exchange, and simple addition and subtraction.

  13. Works closely with the housekeeping department in the keeping room status reports up to date and coordinates requests for maintenance and repair work.
  14. Uses proper telephone etiquette.

  15. Reads and initials the pass-on log and bulletin board daily. Is aware of daily activities and meetings taking place in the hotel.

  16. Reports any unusual occurrences or requests to the manager or assistant manager.

  17. Understands that business demands sometimes make it necessary to move employees from their accustomed shift to other shifts.

Apply online or in person. Experience in hospitality is not necessary but, of course, preferred.


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