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Job Opportunity at Advisory and Consulting Services LLC

Posted on Nov 9    614-561-3412

Location: Columbus, OH
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4146183

Business Development Manager - IT Staffing & Solutions

Did you grow up with the idea of IT staffing and solutions sales? Probably not. You likely got into it by chance. Graduated from college, had an entry level job, and found yourself curious about sales. The idea of controlling your income and helping people sounded attractive. Your inquisitive nature makes it easy to engage with people you meet, and talking with clients and candidates seemed a natural fit. 

A couple years roll by and you build a track record of success.   Hired some great people, and helped get them a spot when they really needed it. Got your best client out of a bind by proposing the right approach and solution at the right time to turn around a failing project or implement a new technology.   Sure the money is great, but you find that real reward is the chase, the competition, and the win, and the realization that you are solving problems and impacting people's lives in a good way. 

Why are you successful?  
  • You have high activity. Always reaching out and meeting clients and prospects. 
  • You ask great questions. You can get underneath the stated need to the real, emotional need of your clients. 
  • You listen. You don't push solutions, but strive to understand the issues before before discussing options. 
  • You engage your team to propose the right solution that fits the clients real needs.
So, what's missing in your current job?

Maybe you've gotten caught up in feeding the VMS monster.  Sales has gone from providing solutions to simply working with procurement. 

Or, you are only able to sell vanilla and chocolate when your clients want strawberry.  Perhaps your firm is not looking for creativity in servicing clients, but simply does what they know.  

Or, it's become all about efficiency and metrics. What you do is moving to a commodity service model, and you see the commission getting tighter and tighter every year. 

If you've read this far, it's that voice inside telling you "It might be time..."

The opportunity is for a Business Development Manager to sell IT staffing and solutions here in central Ohio.  Territory will be seeded with a few accounts, but there's a lot of hunting also. The firm has a great track record delivering both staffing and projects, and wants a mix of both. There's delivery folks to support you on the developing the solutions and proposals. The company spirit is vibrant and progressive, and the CEO is connected in the community.  The folks that work there aren't just solid professionals but actually like each other work as a team! 

Experience in IT staffing and solution sales is great, but aptitude and drive will get you there also. 

Curious?  Let's talk about what's important to you, and then discuss how this might line up with your goals. 
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