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Contact Name Sharon Perry
Address 4300 Chamber Ave SW

Founded in 2005 to produce Induction Power Cables and Arc Furnace Power Cables; the goal of I²r has always been to deliver the highest level of value to our customers.

At present, we are focused on 2 products; the design and construction of water-cooled power cables, and the service and remanufacture of electro-magnetic stirring devices.

I²r is the leading independent designer/manufacturer of water-cooled power cables. As a result, we provide cables to a wide array of thermal processing applications and industries. If you are melting, casting, heating, or thermally processing materials, chances are we can help design/build a secondary conductor to carry your power, as well as your coolant. We are a global company; our customers include End Users and Original Equipment Manufacturers alike.

In addition to our cable products, I²r services and remanufactures electro-magnetic stirring (EMS) devices. Behind our doors, we have over 100 hundred years of combined experience in the comprehensive remanufacturing and servicing of EMS devices, which include caster stirrers and ladle stirrers. We are intimately familiar with the various types of devices that are in operation and well aware of the application demands. Based on our experiences, we have successfully implemented several enhancements/improvements to the original equipment design that have yielded increased reliability and longevity.

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