Animal Caretaker and Rescue Assistant Manager

at Forty Corners Animal Rescue
Location massillon, ohio
Date Posted July 8, 2021
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


Do you have a genuine love for and connection with animals?  We are a newly established animal rescue located in a wonderful country setting in Massillon, OH.  We are extremely dedicated to saving, caring for, and protecting the lives of cats and dogs that are homeless, injured, or otherwise neglected and unwanted.  

We are in search of a full time employee to assist in the normal daily routine of the dog house.  Employee MUST have experience working closely with dogs.  Must have knowledge and experience with reading dog body language and interacting with dogs that may have behavioral issues or aggressions.  Must be able to maintain a calm state of mind and body at all times, even under pressure and stress.  Must be able to think and react quickly when the need arises.

Additional duties include (but are not limited to):

Feeding, walking, exercising and paying special attention to each animal

Maintaining very close communications with team members regarding the safety procedures of dog rotation and dogs that can be in play groups together

Cleaning up animal rooms and kennels - maintaining a clean, healthy and presentable environment both inside and outside of the facility - maintaining the rescue as a whole including a variety of tasks

Being able to work independently or as a team at any particular task

Working closely with potentially difficult dogs, teaching basic “home” manners to all dogs as well as basic commands

Assisting and directing volunteers as necessary

Keeping track of supplies needed 

Assistance in administrative areas, including entering animal information in database, maintaining vet records, social networking, donations, and organizing files.

Possible vet runs for sick or injured animals

Assistance working in the cat house, when necessary

Ability to work a later shift from 2 to 10pm, working holidays and being flexible with covering shifts of other employees when the need arises


Minimum requirements:

High school diploma

Basic ability to work on computer and cell phone

At least two years of experience working with dogs or within a shelter environment