at Brewster Parke Senior Living Community
Location Brewster, OH
Date Posted October 13, 2020
Category Default
Job Type Full-time




FUNCTION: Provide all aspects of care to individuals residing in the catered/assisted living units.


  • Provide daily requirements of resident care to include, but not limited to, assistance/supervision with bathing, dressing, self-medication, feeding, observing dietary intake, hair and nail care, environmental needs, and responding to calls.
  • Light housekeeping duties, to include making beds, vacuuming carpets, cleaning after meals, washing dishes, cleaning up spills, etc.
  • Assist/supervise with transferring/lifting clients as required.
  • Admitting residents according to facility and helping them to acclimate.
  • Accurately taking vital signs, to include TPR, blood pressure, weights, etc.
  • Assisting/supervising residents with self-medication management.
  • Assist in activity program by way of individual and group activities as directed.
  • Record keeping per facility policy.
  • Order meals, set up meals and assist/supervise residents with eating as required.
  • Observe and respond to changes in resident's condition in accordance with facility policy.
  • Communicate with family of residents and physicians per facility policy, with the responsibility of courteous, helpful public relations.
  • Compliance with all facility personnel and operating policies.
  • Responsible for residents safety by observing all safety and emergency policies.
  • Other duties as assigned.

SPECIAL DEMANDS: Patience and tact when dealing with residents, family members and other staff. Must be able to perform repetitive tasks, some of which may involve unpleasant conditions. Must be able to organize time and prioritize work. This position is at risk for occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Resourcefulness and self-control in emergency situations. Must have the ability to adapt to diversified activities. 

EDUCATION:  High School Diploma or GED.  On-going education in the form of monthly in-service training is also required to maintain the Attendant job title and pay grade.  These state-mandated in-services must be completed within 30 days of the date issued by management.  Additionally, employees who do not satisfactorily pass the in-services with a score of 80% or higher, or who do not submit them within 30 days of the date received, will be reverted back to the job title and pay grade of Attendant-in-Training until those situations are remedied.  Once management has confirmed receipt of the in-services and has issued passing scores, affected employees will once again be elevated to the Attendant job title and pay grade, effective at the beginning of the following pay period.   

EXPERIENCE: Previous long-term care experience helpful. Customer service experience.

CONSEQUENCE OF ERRORS: May cause loss of clients, potential injury, and negative public relations.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Works indoors in a well-lit, ventilated area. May work in resident rooms, shower rooms, corridors and dining/activity areas. Must be in good physical condition as the job requires lifting, bending, walking and stretching.  Good finger and hand dexterity needed to do a variety of tasks. Visual acuity and accuracy needed.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE: Please see handbook for appearance standard of this position.

ATTENDANCE: Good attendance is a vital component of this position, and successful Attendants will uphold not only the quality of resident care by showing up to work in a timely manner, they will also uphold their job title and pay grade.  However, Attendants who call off more than four times in a calendar year will be reverted back to the job title and pay grade of Attendant-in-Training until they successfully complete a 90-day period without any call-offs.  At the beginning of the pay period immediately following the conclusion of that 90-day period, those employees will be reinstated to the job title and pay grade of Attendant.

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