Counter Sales Associate

at Furbay Electric Supply Co
Location Canton, OH
Date Posted September 19, 2022
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


Counter Sales Associate


Description: A Counter Salesperson assists customers by providing products and knowledge to customers regarding electrical merchandise. The Salesperson will work with stock and non-stock items, a cash register, computer, catalogues and our merchandise displays to assist inquiring customers in seeking the right merchandise for their needs. The Salesperson must be willing to work at least forty (40) hours a week and overtime as needed, as well as have dependable transportation to The Furbay Electric Supply Company. Training for the position will be provided



  • Greet customers and develop positive relationships in a friendly , professional manner
  • Accurately and efficiently enter customer quotes, orders and credits daily in computer business system to meet customer expectations
  • Know and strive for personal/ team Sales and Gross Margin Goals assigned by Supervisor
  • Maintain and follow Company Procedures and Policies to process all data and communications with clear and accurate information
  • Learn and maintain expected knowledge of Vendor products and capabilities
  • Periodically maintain and update counter merchandise area with appropriate products and accurate bin locations



  • Duties (include but are not limited to the following:)
    • Sell products and services to customers over the counter
    • Suggest effective solutions to customer ' issues
    • Inform customers of product and service prices and information
    • Recommend products and services to customers according to their needs
    • Recommend complimentary "add on" products to customers when appropriate
    • Inform customers of new products
    • Suggest newly stocked products to customers
    • Provide customers with promotional literature upon request
    • Provide customers with quotes regarding products and services
    • Prepare and complete product and service quotations quickly,


accurately, and efficiently

  • Schedule customer orders according to their preferences
  • Conduct sales calls with customers over the phone and maintain a record of such customers, following up on said calls when necessary
  • Maintain a good report with customers through effective communications and customer service
  • Prepare sales invoices and accept customer payments in the form of cash, credit authorization, or a check
  • Record all transactions using a standard system as implemented by the company
  • Keep the cash register and all sales and shipping paperwork secure
  • Construct and maintain product displays
  • Arrange new products on displays
  • Store unneeded products within the warehouse
  • Assist other sales associates as needed
  • Notify outside sales associates and the managerial staff of project occurrences and locations
  • Cooperate honestly with other departments by providing accurate information such as answers to department enquiries providing notifications regarding large-quote projects
  • Communicate clients' needs and issues to the Sales Department on a frequent basis
  • Notify supervisors regarding client' s issues, complaints, and concerns
  • Order products from vendors through online orders and facsimile orders
  • Maintain good relations with product vendors through effective communications and sales negotiations
  • Cooperate honestly with other departments by providing accurate information such as answers to department enquiries providing notifications regarding large-quote projects
  • Assist with inventory maintenance, working with others when necessary
  • Keep inventory product quantities at appropriate levels according to regulation
  • Cut wire for customers as needed
  • Perform other duties assigned by one's supervisor
  • Requirements
    • Uphold and obey all company, local, state, and federal laws and statutes
    • Abstain from all forms of vulgarity, profanity, and inappropriateness including, but not limited to, any form of sexual harassment, cyber­ bullying, threatening or violent behavior, and so forth
    • Abstain from using any and all company property for any purpose not directly related to performing one' s responsibilities including, but not limited to, accessing websites for personal use, making phone calls for personal use, and using a facsimile machine for personal use


  • Demonstrate a positive, polite, and respectful attitude and behavior
  • Maintain a current knowledge of products and services
  • Maintain an ongoing familiarity with the appropriate computer software systems
  • Attend Counter Department- and company-wide meetings as needed
  • Attend company-provided training and education courses online
  • Maintain a clean and professional warehouse and store environment
  • Maintain a clean and professional appearance
  • Abstain from any and all non-business related cell phone, smart phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, camera, camcorder, and MP3 player usage and any and all usage of any other electronic device that is not directly related to performing the position's responsibilities



  • A reliable mode of transportation



  • Education and Experience
    • High school diploma or equivalent needed
    • A minimum of two (2) years experience in the electrical industry preferred
    • Electrical product knowledge and/or experience a plus
  • Skills
    • Communicate ideas accurately and effectively
    • Problem-solve
    • Manage time efficiently
    • Operate basic computer programs efficiently
    • Function within and according to company guidelines
    • Socialize well
  • Physical Abilities
    • Lift at least fifty (50) pounds to shoulder height
    • Lift at least one-hundred (100) pounds to waist height
    • Frequently kneel, squat, bend at the knees and back, stoop, crouch, climb, reach above one's head, push, pull, and lift
    • Work and stand on concrete floors for eight (8) to ten (10) hours
    • Speak for extended periods of time on a phone
  • Qualities
    • Organized
    • Self-motivated
    • Friendly
    • Proactive
    • Neat
    • Positive
    • Prompt
    • Reliable







Report to: Counter Manager


Disclaimer: The nature of the objectives, responsibilities, equipment, possessions, qualifications or any other particularity or set of particularities necessary to acquire/hold this position is subject to change contingent upon the will of the employer or supervisor of said position. Additionally, holding or acquiring this position does not constitute a contractual agreement between the employee and the employer regarding the length or nature of the employment. Employment is also subject to termination at any time contingent upon the will of the employee or of the employer without any cause or explanation given to the employee. Furthermore, anyone applying to this position may be subject to a drug screening and background check.