Infant and Toddler Teacher

Location Canton, OH
Date Posted August 6, 2019
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


Job Summary: Responsible for working in a group of up to 8 children age 6 weeks to 18 months with a co-teacher. Supervision and classroom management must be maintained at all times. Providing developmentally appropriate educational atmosphere for children to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical and psychological growth. Develop appropriate lesson plans using Oho Early Learning Standards, Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold. Ensure compliance with Ohio State licensing and Step Up To Quality.

Education/Skills Qualifications:

Working on Infant/Toddler CDA or working on an Associate’s’ degree in Early Childhood Education

Good written and oral communication skills

One year experience working in a child care center preferred.

Additional Requirements/Conditions of Employment:

Local Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Federal Background check.

Physical exam and TB test.

Drug test before employment.

Training in First Aid, CPR, Child Abuse, Communicable Diseases.

Specific Responsibilities/Essential Functions

General Expectations

Works cooperatively with co-teacher to ensure the smooth operation of the classroom.

Develops a working knowledge of YWCA Canton policies and procedures, State Licensing requirements, Head Start Performance Standards, and Step Up To Quality requirements.

Attends all required trainings and meetings.

Maintains regular attendance in accordance with Canton YWCA Personnel Polices and follows agency call-off procedures when absent.

Perform other duties as assigned by the director.

Classroom Expectations:

Post completed lesson plans before the first child enters the classroom at the beginning of the week.

Creates a positive classroom environment.

Materials ready for the day, before the children arrive.

Classroom management strategies will be implemented to maintain a safe and positive environment for children and adults. This includes the use of transition activities.

Implement the Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold into all aspects of the child’s education including health, nutrition, and mental health service.

Share in joint housekeeping responsibilities of the room(wash toy and shelves, change bedding, laundry)

Prepare new bleach water daily and date it.

Check diapers every 2 hours for each child and change diapers according to diaper changing guidelines. Or as needed.

Turn in newsletter article by the 20th of each month.

Record each child’s day including feeding, sleeping and diapering.

Treat each child and parent with dignity and respect.

Gear the program to the needs of the individual child by interacting with children, taking anecdotal notes and observations.

Active supervision at all times. (Name to face count)

Engage with children at all times.


The Teaching Strategies Gold assessment check points must be completed four times per year for each child enrolled in the program. (July, Oct, Jan, April)

The Ages Stages Questionnaire and the Ages Stages Questionnaire-Social/Emotional must be completed within the first 45 days of enrollment. And yearly thereafter (unless referral is needed).


Represents the YWCA Canton in a positive manner at all times.

A positive attitude about work and others will be maintained during the work day.

Adhere to the agency’s dress code daily.

Adheres to all agency’s/programs and procedures including the confidentiality policy.

Assumes responsibility for meeting his/her individual professional development goals.

Maintains own Ohio Professional Registry on the OCCRA website.

Only uses cell phones on breaks.

Assumes responsibility for meeting his/her own individual professional development goals with the help from administration.

Home Visits and Conferences:

If a child is enrolled in the Early Head Start home visits (with EHS Family Specialist) must be completed in the first 30 days of enrollment and 2 times after that. (March/Sept)

Parent teacher conferences must be completed on non- Early Head Start children twice a year. (June/Dec)


Meal counts taken at point of service.

A current monthly menu is posted.

Sitting with children and talking with them while eating

Holding babies if feeding with bottles.*

Field Trips:

Field trip permission slips are signed for routine walking trips and updated yearly for each child.

Health and Safety Requirements:

Promotes effective dental hygiene.

Maintains a safe, clean, healthy and well organized classroom learning environment.

Follows ongoing care procedures to aid in identifying medical, dental, or developmental concerns.

Follows state licensing hand washing guidelines and diapering guidelines.

Knowing the number of children you have at all times.

Marking children in/out on attendance when they arrive and leave. Must have attendance book and first aid kit with you at all times.

Maintains the weekly cleaning check list.

Maintains the EHS daily safety checklist.

Keeps all chemical, medication, and person purse/wallet out of reach of children

Make sure children are clean in appearance when getting picked up (clean diaper, clean face/hands and shoes tied).

Active supervision of the children (in sight and hearing).

Tablets can only be used for classroom work(active supervision when using it)

Supporting Families:

Actively promotes parent involvement in the child’s education process and the program.

Involves and supports parents to be active participants in their child’s health care.

Physical Requirements:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is occasionally required to stand, sit, walk, reach with hands and arms, climb stairs, sit on floor, and couch.

The employee must be able to lift and or move up to 50 pounds.

Perform other physical requirements related to child care.