at Brewster Parke Senior Living Community
Location Brewster, OH
Date Posted October 12, 2020
Category Default
Job Type Full-time




FUNCTION:  To assist the nursing department in providing physical and emotional services and support the aged and infirm to ensure their maximum safety and comfort in conformance with established standards and practices.


  • Monitor resident care on assigned shift to meet standards of practice and State and Federal guidelines.
  • Coordinate all nursing functions of assigned team, assuring the maintenance of rehabilitative, restorative, and supportive programs.
  • Receive report from off-going nurse on assigned shift and coordinate plan of care for residents on assigned unit, as well as communicating the report to assigned STNAs.
  • Report assigned unit activities to on-coming relief nurse.
  • Perform scheduled drug count protocol transfer of keys and document per policy.
  • Communicate any discrepancies to DON/ADON or designee upon identification.
  • Make resident rounds on unit to assure all resident care is delivered according to policy and resident plan of care.
  • Implement abuse and policy and protocol for any suspected or actual resident abuse.
  • Implement fall protocol according to policy.
  • Monitor and respond to residents’ nutritional needs and to weight gain and loss on an ongoing basis. Assuring that assistance is provided to meet nutritional and hydration needs, including the use of adaptive devices, as appropriate.
  • Administer medication and treatments according to physician’s orders.
  • Administer IVs (according to licensure and training status), and record according to physician’s orders, facility policy, and safe nursing practices.
  • Administer tube feeding and record according to physician’s orders, facility policy, and safe nursing practices.
  • Administer treatments, including dressing changes and oxygen/respiratory therapy, and record according to physician’s orders, facility policy, and safe nursing practice.
  • Complete required medical record documentation according to policy.
  • Assist in establishment and updating of resident’s care plan. 
  • Receive and transcribe and process all physician orders, facility according to policy.
  • Assess newly admitted residents and transcribe findings according to assessment policy and guidelines.
  • Report abnormal resident findings or status to physician/responsible party (new observations, unexpected changes in status, symptoms, response to treatment, etc.).
  • Communicate with residents and sponsors regarding resident condition, treatments and other appropriate information and document notifications.
  • Review all paperwork for completeness on resident’s prior discharge on assigned shift.
  • Make rounds with physicians and consultants and monitor paperwork for completion in accordance with State and Federal regulations.
  • Assess any resident as needed and document in nurse’s notes.
  • Stimulate interests and encourage resident participation in activities, religious programs, therapies, beauty and barber shop allowing for personal preference and freedom of choice.
  • Attend all meetings, committees, in-services and seminars as assigned.
  • Educate staff to new processes, policies, and procedures as assigned.
  • Counsel, discipline, and evaluate STNA staff as needed according to policy.
  • Maintain nursing unit care communication with DON/ADON.
  • Communicate with other disciplines for continuity of care: Physical Therapy, Activities, and all other services required by the resident care plan. 
  • Maintain confidentiality of all resident information according to HIPAA Privacy Policy.
  • Promote morale of all personnel and maintain a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.
  • Ensure all resident rights are protected. 
  • Fulfill schedule requirement by working every other weekend and holiday.
  • Participate in Continuous Quality Improvement Program as required. Promote enthusiastic participation and support of CQI by STNAs.
  • Follow department and facility policies and procedures.
  • Maintain working relationship with other charge/floor nurses, STNAs, ancillary departments, physicians, and consultants.
  • Other duties as assigned.

SPECIAL DEMANDS: Must have experience and ability in problem solving, time management, work organization and priority setting. Must possess effective interpersonal communication skills. Must be prepared for physical, mental, behavioral problems exhibited by residents.  Must alert staff to behavior around residents, co-workers/subordinates. Competent to work each nursing unit.

EDUCATION: Graduate of accredited school of nursing and hold a current and valid nursing license

EXPERIENCE: Previous nursing and long-term care experience helpful.

CONSEQUENCE OF ERROR: Errors may lead to fines, loss of clients and negative PR

WORKING CONDITIONS: Some lifting, stooping and bending required.  Repetitive motions using wrists and hands.

APPEARANCE: Please see handbook for appearance standard of this position.

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