Shift Supervisor

at Grinders Above & Beyond, Inc.
Location "Canton", "Hartville", "North Canton", OH
Date Posted July 2, 2019
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


We are looking for several people to join our management team. Below is a brief description of the job duties.

Arranges and co-ordinates tasks of personnel; has a working knowledge of all procedures necessary to operate the restaurant on a day to day basis. Has full knowledge of all food preparation, cleaning, & daily procedures; basic management duties necessary for the day to day operation of the restaurant; is familiar with, and strictly adheres to the rules and regulations contained in the Confidential Manual of Operations; has the ability to deal with any situation, emergency or otherwise, which may occur; on call to the restaurant twenty-four hours a day; has knowledge of basic bookkeeping procedures; knowledge of purchasing, receiving and cost control practices.

  1. Performs assigned tasks.
  2. Absence. Reports anticipated and unanticipated absences as far ahead of the work schedule as possible.
  3. Tardiness. Reports to work five minutes prior to scheduled time. Calls ahead if tardiness is anticipated.
  4. Accuracy. Displays a high degree of accuracy when making orders and instructing personnel. Ability to produce orders with only one mistake per night. Ability to check 85% of all food that leaves the kitchen to be served. Ability to check 95% of all food prepared for a checklist.
  5. Speed. Produces food speedily and accurately.
  6. Dexterity. Displays care and dexterity in handling foods and equipment.
  7. Complaints. Handles guest complaints in a courteous and pleasant manner. Supervises employees in a professional manner according to the principles of the Company. Receives no more than one complaint per month regarding speed of service, accuracy, or quality of food.
  8. Overall appearance. Clean, well-groomed, generally attractive appearance necessary. Good taste. No attention-getting factors such as loud jewelry, heavy make-up, etc.